We are incredibly fortunate to partner with world leading experts in the fields of health, nutrition, investment and enterprise and solar salt farming practices.

Making Iodine Deficiency Disorders a thing of the past

We are proud to partner with The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) for iodization of sea salt in Pemba. GAIN is a global, Swiss-based foundation that mobilizes public-private partnerships and provides financial and technical support to deliver nutritious foods to those people most at risk of malnutrition. GAIN’s programs in Africa and Asia enable better diets via nutritional products, such as fortified staple foods, including cooking oil and flour, and condiments like salt and soy sauce.

GAIN’s purpose is to improve nutrition outcomes by improving the consumption of nutritious and safe food for all people, especially the most vulnerable. GAIN believes that no one sector alone can solve the complex problem of malnutrition. GAIN works closely with partners including governments, civil society, businesses, UN agencies, and academic institutions to develop programs that deliver large-scale and locally relevant solutions to malnutrition in more than 30 countries.

GAIN is working in partnership with us to develop an immediate, intermediate and long-term iodization strategy for the salt produced in Pemba, and to ensure proper iodization to combat iodine deficiency disorders. Deficiency of iodine is a major cause of preventable brain damage and learning disabilities.

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Economic Sustainability

Two of the most significant challenges facing artisanal salt farmers in Pemba are the lack of a consistent market and capital investment. At Swahili Coast Salt Company, we believe in investing in the farmer.  Our Contract farming model guarantees to purchase salt of international standard at an agreed price and in addition to this, the farmers benefit from profit sharing.

Together with ENGINE, Enabling Growth Through Investment and Enterprise Program, a USAID-funded Technical Assistance Program in Tanzania, we provide a comprehensive capacity building package for the farmer across three major avenues.

  1. Training programs provided by industry experts, that enable farmers to produce salt to our strict quality standards.
  2. Business development services that provide capacity building in record keeping, farm management, environmental awareness and financial management.
  3. Securing access to finance and banking services that allow farmers to operate in the formal economy, where they can build the foundation of economic sustainability. Together with ENGINE, we believe that income generation and employment are key drivers to long term sustainable economic development.

Building a Local Industry

By increasing the quality and the scale of the salt industry in Pemba, we will reduce the reliance on imported salt, it is the aim of SCSC to build local salt production into a viable industry not just domestically, but regionally and internationally, so that the salt produced is recognized all around the world for its natural characteristics and quality. Alongside Zalt, we are developing a domestic brand of coarse sea salt, called MAWIMBI for more information see our sister brand.

Environmental Impact / Conservation

We are committed to minimizing our impact on the coastline and the wider environment. Working with experts, we are regularly reviewing our farms and our processes to ensure Pemba’s unique coastal ecosystem continues to thrive.

zalt salt pemba tanzania