Mawimbi is our iodized coarse salt available soon in local markets on Pemba, Unguja, and mainland Tanzania.  We are especially proud of this brand as we are providing the local market with a local product. YA KWETU means “ours”, and we are driving home the importance that there is no reason to rely on imported salt, when Pemba is delivering a high-quality product that supports a local industry. All salt producing regions are most susceptible to iodine deficiency due to the fact that salt is taken straight from the pan and used in the home. Our goal is to educate the local communities about the importance of using iodized salt for their health, and to provide easy access to an iodized local product that we can all feel proud of using.

Every purchase of this product will strengthen the local salt industry, and in turn strengthen the future of the farmers, their communities and the whole island.  We had the pleasure of hosting a team of students from Harvard Business School as part of their FIELD Global Immersion. The team were instrumental in the development of this brand through customer interviews, prototype testing and market analysis. Using design thinking methods, they brought an amazing new light to our exciting local brand!  See news story here.

We are a proud FIELD Global Partner of Harvard Business School.